First things first – pre-requisites:

1) Use only Chrome browser

2) Download Zoho Mail app:

Zoho for Apple:

Zoho for Android:

3) Download Click To Call Chrome Extension:

4) Download JustCall phone app:

JustCall for Android:

JustCall for Android:

JustCall for Apple:

JustCall Sales Dialer for Apple:

Now that you downloaded all the apps, you are ready:

1) Watch these video tutorials to learn about trucking sales leads:

2) Getting Started with JustCall:

JustCall Phone Calls and Text Messaging:

JustCall SMS/MMS:

JustCall Predictive Dialer:

3) Video training for our agency management system (AMS), which is called NowCerts:

Here’s the link to schedule 60 minute custom training on NowCerts once you watch the videos:

Let me know once you schedule the training.